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Mecalux integral solutions for your Industrial storage needs.

We offer integral solutions for the design, development, installation and operation of rack systems for industrial warehouses.


design tailored to the needs

Optimize your spaces and increase storage capacity

Use of spaces

Take advantage of the cubic capacity of your warehouse without having to invest in extensions or new buildings.

Efficiency and Time

Minimize lost product damage and downtime with the use of forklifts and their personnel.


Selective Rack

Excellent stock control. Adaptable to any space, weight or size.

Drive-In Rack

Maximum use of available space. Elimination of the aisles between the shelves.

Movirack Movil Racks

Optimal for cold stores or freezing. Elimination of individual access aisles.

Dynamic Rack

Saving of space and time in the manipulation of the platforms.

Push-Back Rack

Each level can store a different reference.

Structural Rack

Easy assembly. Direct access to all stored platforms. Easy stock control.

Picking Rack

For bulky items. Possibility of installing walkways with access via stairs.

Carton Flow

Manual gravity system ideal for reducing the time of preparation of orders.

Self-supporting Warehouse

Large engineering works in which the shelves themselves are part of the building's construction system.


Systems that double or triple the storage area of ships and premises.

Racks without screws

Economical and versatile. Possibility of growing in height with walkways. Easy assembly.

Grooved Angle Shelving

Very versatile and easily assembled system that covers all storage requirements due to its adaptability.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever shelves are easily configurable to adapt to different heights and types of goods.

Custom Racks

Solutions for storing special merchandise because of the shape, safety, danger, fragility, volume and weight of the cargo.